Bike ride across the Golden Gate

Now, I am not a cyclist. I love to ride my bike, but unfortunately Never get a chance to in the midwest in cold and not having space to even store my own bike in my home sadly. There is a huge divide between my decided lifestyle in the midwest, resembling a prison, compared to how I feel when I am elsewhere. Living in a bad neighborhood full of crime by obligation while having your safety and health compromised multiple times is no way to live. The rich get richer off of the poor’s hard work and putting their safety at risk. Things have changed or will change. (social justice and equality for all-what I stand up for. As the saying goes, if you do not stand up for anything, you will fall for anything! In today’s day and age, it is more important skill than any college degree or fancy letters behind one’s name) Anyway, lucky for me, I got to ride a bike in San Francisco after a whole year, enough cycling for few months I would say!  We biked from across the city to the Golden gate bridge, across the bridge, to Saucalito, down to the ferry dock, and then relaxed in the ferry back to the city, and cycled back across the city again. It was about 5 hours total with 4 hours of cycling. Since it had been a while, it was kind of rough on me to get a hang of cycling again, especially because I had not cycled up or down hills since my childhood! I ended up walking my bike up and down the steepest hills in the route. Most people rode their bikes just fine. I was short of breath…sigh…Either they are real pros and really fit, or I am really out of shape, or both! Anyway, I did ride my bike 95% of the way! It was my first time riding on the roads as well! It was crazy! The traffic with all the buses, cable cars, cars, pedestrians, and cyclists sharing roads! I was praying, stay alive! I made it back safe and sound! Just some soreness now, but its all good!

 I am happy to have been able to experience such delightful city and views on my own two feet or by my own energy, instead of a tour bus! The feeling is amazing when you realize how far you have come! I highly recommend biking across the bridge! I wish I had more time in Saucalito, but we had to catch the ferry back! Also, bike rentals are everywhere, and always wear a helmet. Being a dare devil is not worth risking a traumatic brain injury. Have a safe journey! Drink a lot of H2O and stay hydrated amigos!

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