Happy holidays from the city by the bay

I love cities and am a true city girl. I love walking on foot everywhere and smiling and greeting strangers. I love when strangers ask me to take their family pictures or stop by to allow me to pet their dog. I love unique architecture and victorian vibe to a modern urban city. San Francisco has to be by far one of my fav true cities in United States! Why? 1. You can walk outside! Or take public transport. Or ride bike. …I think someone just proposed here in Union square! Gives me the warm feeling. I feel at home. Even when I was across the bay in Oakland, I was treated with such kindness by strangers. I hiked alone in a beautiful park within the hills. 

I loved it! Random strangers and I exchanged smiles and greeting and I stopped to admire the kiddos and pet the dogs! People are generally more fit as there is so much to do outdoors and weather to permit it, unlike much of the midwest. Be it the suburbs, surrounding bay area cities, or the city, the bay area is so diverse in what it has to offer! Vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants everywhere! Dear midwest, “chicken broth does not mean vegetarian broccoli and cheddar soup”. The weather is chilly yet fresh here! I actually had real vegeratrian chille here! 

Unlike icy frostbites of the midwest, I can be cold without losing corculation to my extremities here! I will be writing a separate post about my bike ride across the city and bay later. For now, enjoy the pictures and I will live in the moment cherishing the beautiful holiday aroma of the enchanting union square. 

I love this place. The culture. The diversity. I am meant to be living on the west coast. I think God is taking me in the right direction now. The last 1 year, I was treated with such disgust and disrespect as a woman that I have finally taken the stearing wheel back for mi vida and God, I am so thankful for the changes coming in my life. I encourage all women to not settle, and instead be your own advocate. Go explore different places and find your home. Home is where your heart is, not where people dictate it to be for you out of tradition, fears, backward thinking/closed-mindedness, or dogma. 

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