Happy Almost 2018!


I want to write this post as a reflection of the last one year, as well as goals for the coming new year. As Earth has completed another circle around our energy illuminating Sun, we humans have so much to be thankful for. It is important to learn to turn all negative experiences into something positive. Our minds create perceptions of our outer world and universe.

The lessons I have learned.

  1. I thought traveling the world backpacking on a budget as a solo female taught me a lot about life. I have to say that living in my city working within four walls taught me a lot about myself and adversity. It is not until we are at our lowest in an abyss that we learn to pull ourselves out relying on every bit of our resilience and strength. I went through one of the most challenging times in my life, being harassed, abused, and threatened while trying to maintain a smile on my face and help others. I became even more empathetic as a result to those suffering, and can honestly say I understand their pain and turned into a stronger healer. I got out of the black hole and am back to my normal self now, but stronger, and wiser, with what feels like a lifetime of wisdom, yet I know I still have so much to experience, grow, and learn in life.
  2. You can slow down in life and take a break if needed. If you do not stop to cope or recover, you will always have some degree of pain following you around. I decided I would give myself time to cope when needed to put myself first. You cannot give from an empty vessel, yet our culture promotes the opposite, especially for females.
  3. Having recovered, and getting my life back, I have decided for the new year, to leave dogma and status quo in the garbage. If you spend your life living for others, that is noble indeed. Now, if that turns into despair, then you must leave to go live your life. It is not being selfish. It is being human. Like I said, you cannot give from an empty vessel. I decided to follow my dreams make some major changes.
  4. I learned that a few words of kindness and smiles with strangers can build strong bonds that feel like ages of acquaintance. I learned that being a nurse caring for others when people tell me they do not want me to go or that they will miss me. I realize what I privilege it is to connect with others and help put a smile on someone else’s face. I thank God for giving me those opportunities to connect with such kind souls as I have also faced the opposite: of being threatened, made racist and sexist remarks, and cussed at. I saw a wide spectrum of human behavior and character and decided that abuse is abuse, and I can choose kindness. I will strive to be an open-minded and empathetic human being as always. Money cannot buy happiness. Materialism is subjective, but life does not slow down, so go live it! Basics are security/safety, love, food/water/health. Forgive those who hurt you and let go. Be the change you want to see in the word as my guru and true mentor Gandhiji preached. I lived in his neighborhood and learned from his life. 2012-2013 best new years ever in ashram!
  5. I learned that everything happens for a reason, and there is a time for everything. I have to trust God and have faith. In the meanwhile, stop worrying too much, and do not be a people pleaser. Live life on your own values and dreams, because tomorrow is never guaranteed. “har pal yaha, jee bhar jeeo, jo hai sama, kal ho na ho” (every moment, live fully, this moment may not exist tomorow).-Kal Ho Na Ho movie title track.
    Decorating colors on a canvas as an outlet for the soul.    These paintings are from 8-15 years ago, yet each reminds me of that optimism and zest for colors of life I had at that time despite the everpresent troubles. Life goes on… Colors do not fade when painted from the heart.

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