Packing time!!

Roll roll roll your clothes…gently in the bag. Merely merely merely merely, packing smart will prevent back pain….

only need 4 to 6 pairs…do laundry the efficient way, hand wash every couple days and air dry! Simplicity is the best policy for budget traveling.

1.5-2 months “stuff”. Feels like too much, but fits like magic in the bag, so its coming along for the ride!

Let the countdown begin! Few more days until my adventure begins! I finally got my new hiking boots, microfiber travel towel (highly recommend for space conservation in the backpack! Also, it is fast drying, so great for gyms, beaches, pools, and traveling.), lock, and daypack. All of these things were essentially free thanks to some rewards I had. I love traveling, but I do so on a budget. I am very meticulous abouy every dollar or equivalent currency. This allows me to maxamize my experiences abroad. For instance, in Interlaken, Switzerland (one of my most favorite cute little cozy towns in the world), I had a lovely time paragliding-running off of the Swiz Alps flying into the air with a parachute (and of course a tandem instructor/trained professional!). I budgeted to stay at the cheapest hostel in order to save for the paragliding session. The hostel also ended up being one of the most expensive stays in all of my Europe trip since Switzerland is just so expensive! Nonetheless, it is a great example of budgeting and deciding what experiences to indulge in.

Red hair on my 27th birthday in India. Be bold and don’t care what the world thinks. Your hair, your color. You choose the colors to paint the canvas of your life!

some of the best times in life come with a lot of pain. The pic above was at one of the highest altitude lakes in the world in the Himalayas. What one cannot see is the underlying severe headache and dyspnea of high altitude sickness. I survived, but learned I need extra time to acclimatize for my next journey.

pic above is of prayer flags part of Tibetan culture symbolizing a safe journey

this is my excitement for the the trip despite being in a cave! Sometimes, you let the rain pour and keep climbing waterfalls and caves! -Kanheri caves in Mumbai during the monsoon.

ok another continent, here I come! Just a student of life and the world wanting to expand my horizons and connect with global neighors! I am thinking of writing a book on this journey, an ethnography type book about the local cultures and people I meet on the road! Knowledge is wasted if not shared… Keep smiling and cherish life. In order to see the clouds and the magnificent view from the mountain, one must climb the mountain with ups and downs, soreness and pain, and preserverence. I see backpacking as just that; it is not a glorified vacation. Instead, it is a road for personal growth!

ok I just wanted to end the post with chocolate covered strawberries. Backpacking is equivalent to this in food!

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