Bienvenidos a Ecuador

Locro de papa. I am no longer homesick, hello comfort food and ice cream on every corner! Beat those monthly cramps that ruin my swag. I guess rest days are important too. Cannot always be in adventure mode.

a fake jungle in the museum. This will do until I get to the actual Amazon in a few days! I just wonder how I will handle the animals. From afar, they are ok. Within few feet, that will be a whole new fear to overcome. Why are spiders so scary? The most terrifying thing that has happened on this trip is a spider in bathroom at this air bnb. I would rather climb a volcano than mess with a spider. I hope it vanishes by morning.

Museo de ciudad. Such creative replications for exhibits! I am studying the way the museums study and teach about history.

this museum used to be a hospital-1st one in Quito! No wonder I gravitated here!

plaza grande in old town. UNESCO’s preserved places. I met these uber/cab drivers who I had such fascinating conversations with in Spanish! They taught me about their cultures, and asked me so much about Indian culture. One even requested me to write our names in my language. I ended up writing his name and my name is Gujarati to teach him a little since he did teach me new Spanish words! Exchange of cultures and languages; this is what traveling is about!

feeding time!

such cute pasteries! I love how there are so many panderias or bakeries here! I just want to eat everything, and then climb a volcano. I need to find a close by volcano or some mountain to climb. Another goal is to find more potato soup and go stand on both sides of the hemispheres! It has been my dream to do that, and I will make it happen.

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