The middle of the world

The equator runs through many countries, including Ecuador, which is the Spanish word for Equator! It was taught that the center was where a monument mital del mundo stands, when the French did calculations. With the invention of the GPS, the actual center was found to be 200+ from there! I went to the actual equator. One of the touristy things I did, but it had been a dream to be standing on both hemispheres. I made it happen! Feels so good! I am geography nerd and this fascinates me. We did science experiments including balancing an egg and walking with eyes closed heel to toe. I have really good balance aparently! Everyone else looked like they were drunk. It is located outside of Quito by half hour or so. I took uber there, and bus/cab back. Uber there cost too much, but on my way back, 40 min trip for total $7. That is still a lot, but the bus ride from the town was 50 cents, and the cab was the rest. They use US dollars here, so everything seems expensive! The buses are cheap, but when I was at the terminal, it was so confusing. The ticket lady did not even know. I was like cab it is! The bus and metro system was easier in Columbian cities for sure! My uber driver was actually Columbian living in Ecuador. You learn so much from talking to locals about the economy, culture, and lifestyles.

I once had a friend from Ecuador as a child in elementary school. I do not recall her name as I was so little. Now, I am in her country. I feel incredibly blessed to have these experiences. This park is awesome, with mini ponds, museums, dog park, skateboarding rink, trails, etc. Some of the best days traveling are sitting in a park or doing things locals would do, not running out seeing every attraction. I may just skip the rest of “to do” things, and find a spot to meditate or do yoga at the park tomorow.

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