Bienvenidos a Banos

Banos is a small town in a valley in the mountains close to the Amazon forest. It is a sweet little Ecuadorian town that attracts local tourists and adventurists from all over the world! I took a bus here from Quito for 4.5 dollars for a 3.5 hr ride. Good deal! The bus ride across Quito was interesting standing for 1 hr with 2 bookbags, to get to quitumbe south terminal. The bus station was nice. I saw so many backpackers. I saw this family with their adult daughter with their backpacks at the ticket booth. I also met this Brazilian person who was backpacking across Ecuador and Peru. We talked in Spanish, and I learned a lot about Brazil. I am always wary of talking to men when traveling solo, so I make up where I am from. I also say people are waiting for me at the hostel. As a female traveler, safety beats honesty when solo. Then, there are people I share where I am really from with. Anyway, it is nice to see people from all walks of life, all ages, all ethnic backgrounds or nationalities traveling simplistically. In my opinion, it is the best way. There is so much to do in Banos. I have a week to do it all, but I need to prioritize my wish list of things to do. Bicycling, hiking, paragliding, zip lining, amazon tour, hot water springs, ahh so much. I shall make it happen! I am exhausted now. I got the top bunk, and it is ironic my head bumps the ceiling despite how short I am! Buenos noches!

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