Ruta de cascadas-cycling through the route of waterfalls

The views were stunning of the beautiful waterfalls. The best was hiking down to some of them and feeling the breeze and sprinkles, and then eating on a rock. Saltine crackers and water never tasted better for a lunch than at a waterfall in the middle of a 6 hour bike ride and hiking trails.

I look like I am high, on adrenaline of course, which I was until I faced the steep curves and downhills and uphills, basically 90% of the path. $5 for a bike rental, but facing fears riding next to busses, cars, trucks on narrow inclining mountain roads, priceless! The pain will be worth it! I am glad I biked instead of taking a bus! Couple people commented in Spanish how I must be tired when I hiked to the waterfalls when they saw my helmet! Another guy was like you are cycling alone, and looked surprised! I was like so many people bike alone, but had to make up a story saying my group of friends were ahead of me for safety purposes! I met such nice people along the way! They would call me amiga, nina, meaning friend, or child.

The mountains, trying not to look down when on curvy roads and trails, but it is just so breathtaking, literally.

Someome tried to ask me directions on the road in Spanish. I was like do I look like a local? I am trying to figure out if I am on the right road myself, that too on a bike, and the cars are taking up the road space despite signs for cycling everywhere! The tunnels were the best, well one tunnel. I felt so free riding in the tunnel, until big busses and trucks ruined my joyride through the tunnel. I had to give way to them. Sigh. I love tunnels! Felt like such a rebel trying to cut through traffic jams. I wore a casca, helmet! I also have travel insurance and first aid kit. Not to mention my hostel is close to the town hospital!

this was perfect timing for a waterfall over the road as I needed some refreshing water and my new travel buddy, my bike, a mini wash!

Lunch time! I loved going down to the river and washing my hands in the fresh water! Then I used sanitizer of course before eating!

Just shove people in the back of an open truck with bicycles and ride back to Banos from the final waterfall! It was funny how the ladies, who also happened to be from the states, were waving to all the cars and trucks behind us! Everyone waved back and we all laughed!

The final waterfall on the route, but I think I missed one still. I was too exhausted to care after 6 hours or more. I lost count of kilometers and time.

Chic cafe with a creative vibe! Ended up here twice in the same day! Ecuadorian hot choco is the best! I decided to reward myself after what I put my body through. Tomorow will be interesting. Thank goodness for Ibuprofen! And must go find those hot water springs for muscle therapy. It is all the rave here!

The truck, open air and possibly falling bicycles on humans? It is all part of the experience.

The route of waterfalls. There are natural springs through waterfalls everywhere here, and a popular activity is to ride a bicycle from Banos to rio verde town, which is about 18 km (feels like eternity!) on the main road and some side paths that bypass some of the tunnels.

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