Bienvenidos a estados unidos

exactly. ditto how I feel, but more like the blues. not clinical depression. It is more of a transition period back to western society and reverse culture shock. Travel is so reformative and leads to so much self growth. From daily meeting such open minded, global citizens, who I have the most intellectually stimulating conversations about global issues to practicing our language skills. Friends who I shared such amazing experiences with, but may never see again. It is tough. People back home cannot comprehend. I cannot comprehend myself sometimes what did I go through…Only fellow travelers can relate it seems. Of course, I am so grateful, and appreciative of my experiences, but post travel blues are no fun.

Estoy aqui…en Estados Unidos. Moment I entered Florida, I was met with rude airport personnel. It is the same story each trip. I go to places with such immense kindness and respect, to a culture of “too good to do your job” and entitlement, but not every one is like that of course. Many nice people in this country too. The lady at Subway, although an immigrant herself, was so sweet when I got soup at 3am! I missed the politeness and manners of Latin America already. Just 10 hours ago, in Bogota airport, or Santiago, so much sweetness and manners. Every other word with permiso, gracias, muy amable, buen dia, etc… In Miami, I ended up at the wrong security point and the guy did not even correct me despite marking my boarding pass. The guard was like you know what to do, take out all liquids etc. I was like I have had 15 flights in last 2 months. It is different in other countries, people are nicer and security is not as tight, yet no crimes happen. I barely ever took my laptop or body wash/shampoo bottles out. Half the time, I kept my shoes on too. The right security point guy was much nicer though in Miami. I was trying to be extra compliant, and he was like its ok, I won’t say anything. The girl on the plane next to me on my flight from Miami to Orlando was so rude. She was like can you move over to the other seat just so she can put her bookbag ON the middle seat. That is not even permitted. My bookbag was in the overhead bin like the rules, and it was my only piece of luggage unlike tourists with 4 big rolley bags and w carry ons each! Then, she was in a rush to go and scooted past me when I was in the isle and still had to retrieve my stuff. No patience. There was a young family in front of us with an infant and they took some time naturally, and this girl was in such a rush rudely. I was so annoyed. The complete opposite happened 10 hours earlier! My flight from Santiago to Bogota, I made a new friend, 2 actually! One from Ecuador, and one from Colombia. The Colombian girl and I became such best friends, or as it felt! She was so excited to learn about me and India, and I was excited to share my love for Colombia with her! We talked 6 hours and I showed her all my India pics. I offered to help her plan a trip to India in the future. We had so much fun in the 6 hr flight. We ended up getting secret snacks from the flight crew, and watched Wild movie together. Also watched 1st episode of game of thrones which both of us were so confused what was going on. She took the ham from the sandwich so I can eat only a cheese sandwich. Also I traded with her the meat sauce ravioli for her salad and bisquits! We made a great team! I encouraged her to travel the world, and not be afraid. She gave me hope for the future generation that has such sweet, nice, and curious young women. She wanted to be an architect, and she reminded me of the young me who once upon a time dreamt of studying architecture too! Such a rever culture shock being back in the US. I feel homesick for the love and hospitality I was showered with in the 4 countries I spent the last 2 months in. Don’t be sad its gone; smile because it happened. Forever grateful and blessed to travel so much in life. So lucky and thankful! I hope to inspire others to do the same. As I go back to stresses of daily life, I will remember the lessons travel taught me. Persistence-Hiking in low oxygen altitudes. Adaptation- and flexibility-different homes and hostels every few days. Open-mindedness and respect-new country every 2 weeks. Throw back as nostalgia and photos of my best experiences are the only thing to help with post travel blues.

hiking in the Amazon in Ecuador

Holding parrots

standing on the equator

hiking to waterfalls

arepa muy rico. I absolutely LOVE x 10000000 Colombian food! I am on a mission to teach myself these recipes.

valle de Cocora- hiking in this paradise in the mountains

best hot choco in the world is found in Ecuador

locro de papas (potato soup)- my fav soup found in Ecuador

laguna Humamtay. Lake 14000 ft high. Worth the hike and new friends on the path felt like my close friends and I hanging out.

petting Alpaca y Llama

self guided hike on train tracks

Best best best… Machu picchu

any and all sunsets

Sushi night with Japanese buddy

…and so much more that I did not capture in photos.

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