Image result for exercise quotesI am a huge advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, and ever since I could remember, I have loved exercising and challenging myself. Now, this does not come easy to most people. Most of us have to motivate ourselves to hit the gym or do some form of physical activity at home or outdoors. It takes mental will and endurance to commit to be fit, but remember, when you were a toddler and learned to walk, you probably did not stop running around. All you got to do is bring back that same curiosity to explore the world, or try new exercises. Soon enough, it will become a habit. Your body naturally releases endorphins, Dopamine, through exercise, and this is often very rewarding. It is what the runners call “runner’s high.” Exercise is beneficial to mental and physical health. Of course, before starting any exercise program, you should evaluate your own overall health and consult with your healthcare provider if you have medical conditions. Being a nurse, it is my mission and passion in life, is to help others on their journey to well-being, and that includes primary prevention. Primary prevention is health promotion and disease prevention through lifestyle factors such as regular exercise and healthy eating. Image result for exercise quotes Here are a few starting tips for those who are contemplating starting such a lifestyle.

1, Try incorporating exercise in daily life. For example, take stairs instead of elevator or escalator when possible. Park further away in the parking lot at the grocery store to get few extra steps. Carry groceries out, instead of using a shopping cart to transfer to the car. Do what works for you, but keep your safety and physical abilities in mind. One step at a time..

2. Stay hydrated. I cannot stress this enough, especially in the summer. Drinking at least 8-10 cups of water a day, and more as needed, is so essential. Most people do not get this as people tell me they are simply too busy to drink water. Busy to drink water, but not too busy to text their friends all day. It takes 5 seconds either way.

3. Switch it up. Some people love weights and strength training, and some love cardio. Do what you enjoy. It is not a competition. Try something new if you want, but find your niche. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and do NOT compare yourself to others. Challenging oneself is great, but everyone and every body, literally, is different. Always, keep your safety and well-being in mind.Image result for exercise quotes

Happy exercising…


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