Lessons and Wisdom from Hindi Music

So many life lessons, wisdom, and pure bliss and serenity can be found in old music and lyrics. I have always had a strange connection with old movies, Hindi especially as I grew up in an Indian household, but also a lot of English songs. This is one of my favorites-Kuch to Log Kahenge. I used to be a very shy and passive little girl, but as a woman, I transformed into someone that takes no wrongdoings by others. I set standards for my life and learned to be very assertive and confident. I broke stereotypes and learned to travel alone in the world as a female. I survived harassment and things women face that men perpetuate or or oblivious to. I learned to pull myself up, dust myself off, get back in the field called life and well people will say things, its their job to gossip, forget useless things, do not let the rain pass. I love dancing in the rain! I love puddles and walking in the snow too! I draw smiley faces on my car when it snows! I learned to live my life with God’s grace and happiness, not what the society, status quo, or especially the Indian orthodox or conservative beliefs and discrimination towards women and their happiness and rights in life, decide. I proved to my family that I can travel solo at 23 years of age to Europe, solo female Euro backpacking trip during my grad school break. I was also working full time as a nurse at the time. I did tons of overtime, saved money, planned and took off on an adventure that taught me essential life skills, survival skills, confidence, and self worth. I learned to be street smart along with being book smart. I built my character and language skills by emerging in different cultures. I faced adversities and built strength through those challenging. That is why I love travel and made it my lifestyle. Forget what people say,; you cannot please everyone. It is impossible. Everyone will pull you in different directions. Learn to stand up for yourself. Listen and follow your heart and calling. Life is too short to be a slave of other people’s limited thinking and closed mindedness. and I just love Rajesh Khanna. I must have lived in that generation and been a fan!

Women deserve so much more respect and equality than what the patriarchal Indian society preaches. Women’s lives are destroyed in name of certain “traditions” and practices. No one ever questions the man, for he is entitled to have a woman delivered to him in his parents’ house. Women sacrifice so much, their whole lives, to be miserable. This next song is one of my other favs! I love how free spirit he is in this song, and it inspires me so much!

❤ Rajesh Khanna! The lyrics are so right on about life! Can’t put life on hold to live!

He goes by Gateway of India! I love Mumbai!! Childhood memories and memories of my best friend and my India trip! Everyone comes in this world crying, true! Babies cry or are made to cry to check for breathing when they are born! APGARS newborn assessment! Then they learn to laugh and smile!

Life of service of helping others is a life well lived. I chose Nursing as a career because it is my calling. I care less about profit. I actually hate money. Instead, my reward is the health of my patients, the smiles on kids’ face, the laughs with my friends and family, the travels and deep conversations with people all over the world over free breakfast at hostels and challenging myself to climb higher mountains. Health is wealth.

This song inspired me: maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune, is how I feel about my parents. I live for them. I make sacrifices for them. Ever since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with this song. Choti choti baaton ki hai yaadein badi, bhule nahi beeti hui ek choti ghadi. Small memories of my childhood and sacrifices my parents made, their struggle, I will never forget. I vowed to give them a better life. I take them traveling and out to dinner, movies. How can a woman be snatched from her life giving parents to serve someone’s else parents. Not fair, in this Indian society. I stick to my duty of being there for my parents.

This is my free spirit and my this generation love Sharukh Khan since I am a 90s kid after all. Rajesh Khanna is my old school Hero! I love this song as it was my anthem when I followed my dreams after becoming a RN 6 years ago and moving to India for 6 months and volunteering with NGOs in free clinics and community public health in my home state. I learned to be so independent living in Gandhi Ashram, boiling my own water daily, no heater and it got cold at night by the river, washing my clothes by hand daily and hanging to dry, and working 6 days a week for free. My paycheck was love of God and the community I was serving. The family I reunited with in India, the nieces and nephews that grew up in my arms and I was there for their first steps! Every travel adventure, this song is so me:

I take no BS! Dance it off! Dancer for life! Every time I travel or emark on a new trip, I remember how I defied the odds to be where I am now. From no money for school lunch and sleeping on the floor, to funding my own trips! Khud pe hi hum ko yakeen ho, mushkile raah ki aasan ho! Have faith in yourself, the problems in your path become easier.

Laanat hai ji uspar,

Laanat Hai Ji Uspar, Duniya Mein Hi Rehkar
It's a shame on all those, who are living in this world
Duniya Mein Jo Jeene Ke Andaaz Ko Na Jaane
But still haven't learned how to live
Maathe Yahan Thope
They bang their heads (curse/complain)
Chaand Ya Taaron Mein
On the moon and the stars
(Pointing out to those people who lead a life based on Horoscope/Astrological Charts)
Kismat Ko Dhoondhein Par Khud Mein Kya Hai Ye Na Jaane
They search for good luck, but they don't recognize their own talents (skills) 
Khud Pe Hi Humko Yakeen Ho
We should believe in ourselves
Mushkilein Raah Ki Aasaan Ho
Then the difficulties in the path of life will get easy
Donon Haathon Mein Ye Jahaan Ho
And we shall have the world in both our hands

Life is short, make it special.

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