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“Faith and Prayer are both invisible, but they make impossible things possible.” _Buddha



As I love blogging, here is yet another entry. Lately, I have been re-evaluating a lot of my life’s choices and outcomes. I am at crossroads considering doing a travel/volunteer trip. The only thing is that this time, I prefer to go with others who share similar ideals and vision to help others. I have NGOs in mind, but I want to do my own thing and travel and do free health screenings and education classes for locals. There are so many logistics to take into account, and it is not a one person thing. I would need to have a team, or at least one other person. I can use assistance with this. It would a dream project, but really, a prayer or offering to God.

How is it that a girl so shy and quiet, ends up so outgoing and a world traveler. I consider myself a global citizen, and I have made friends from all over the world. I think my spirituality has a lot to do with it. For me, spirituality is something very personal, and I don’t judge others based on their views and connection with God, higher power, universe, or however they see it. For me, I was raised as a Hindu, but I love to learn about all faiths and religions. I felt at home in a Synagogue in Fort Kochi, as I did in a famous Cathedral in London, or temple in my hometown. When I travel, I do not impose my thoughts on anyone. Instead, I try to learn about their belief system. I have always been highly spiritual. I see God as my best friend.

However, I am not a fan of orthodox rituals from the 1800s that use religion as a way to discriminate people due to caste or for being a female going through menses. I have volunteered in India with NGOs to fight such prejudice and educate on health and unity.  I lived in Gandhi Ashram NGO Manav Sadhna’s volunteer house for few months and emersed myself in local culture. I washed my clothes by hand, played with neighbor’s kids, did bunch of child development education and assessment to local preschool/daycares called anganwadis. My spirituality took me there. It connected me to strangers like family. I make friends fast, and they feel like family to me when I travel, sometimes, even closer than family. One of my favorite spiritual quests besides my stay at Manav Sadhna, was at Sarnath, Banaras, UP, India. I visited the Banyan tree under which Buddha gave first sermons. I went alone, taking a rikshaw from Banaras hostel to the town of Sarnath. It was so enlightening. I promised myself to remember the moments and teachings, but it is easy to get carried away in day to day life, especially work life in the states.

People from other countries take it easy and relax more, but here, is it all about climbing the ladder and making money. That does not suit well with me. I am a strong believer that God will give my fair dues, and my job is not to be a millionaire. My job is to help others, as it is my way of praying, and being a nurse/nurse practitioner is a medium that allows me to do so.

Traveling and meeting strangers allows me to gain a better perspective of life in other parts of the world. All of this is due to my spirituality. Without my connection to God, and trust in the universe to have my back, how would I have hikes mountains in Salento, Colombia alone, or taken overnight bus rides to Bogota, trains in India in Kerala, or dared to do any of my solo travels?! Faith in God, and faith in myself. My dream is to open a NGO, or free clinic. Especially for pediatrics. I would love to be able to travel, and get paid for it, so I can spread kindness and love while helping the sick medically. So far, I have done short volunteer trips and bunch of backpacking, but to be able to have the funds, resources, and keep my Nursing/NP licenses up to date, and travel like that, would be a dream. I also would need the right people with me. I have been a solo backpacker enough, but somethings in life, you need help or a buddy. Most people care to work 9 to 5 and earn a paycheck. Which is great too, and I have done that too. I will do that in the future too, especially when I have children to raise. I am set on giving them a world class education and teaching empathy by traveling with them, and teaching values of volunteering and giving.

However, the world needs more storytellers, people who go out of their way to help others, even if there is no hefty pay involved. Traveling is my passion, and I travel as a minimalist. Nursing is also my passion. Through my spirituality, I have been trying to combine the two. I cannot just be jobless and travel all the time and volunteer as I have thousands of dollars to pay for annual malpractice insurance, license/credentialing updates, and whatnot. I have to keep up to date working locally in the states somehow. I see possibilities where others see barriers.

20180404_130152_HDR.jpgTraveling opens the mind to that, and it helps expand one’s horizons. Often, people do not understand me, but I understand them. Sometimes, the people that are supposed to be closest to you, don’t get you, because they have not traveled the world or seen through different perspectives the way you have. I say, travel whenever you can. It is the best education you can give yourself. Spirituality for me, allowed me to travel so much, especially solo as a young female. Most importantly, faith in yourself is all you need to follow your dreams. Like the lamp in Aladdin, let your faith be the lamp and the universe or God be the geenie, whoever you believe in. The magic carpet is your imagination. If you beleive in something without doubts, it will happen. I made world travel possible when everyone doubted me. When my friends and family dis not understand or support my decisions. People in my life did not get my spontaneous plans or need for adventure. I listened to my calling, faith, and the universe made my dreams a reality. Do not let status quo or dogma limit your life. Everything is possible. This is from my 29th birthday. Don’t mind the food/chocolate stains on my shirt. People always say I look younger than my age. I used to wear glasses to make me look older, but I hated them, so got lasic. I think in when you can laugh at yourself, make others laugh, and smile from within, not fake smile, you will always look young as that is what children do. Children do not let society rip their dreams yet, so do not let anyone do that as an adult. Let your inner child out, and always be silly. Well, there are times to be serious…. but but for the most part, it is ok to be weird or different. Life would be boring if we all were the same. Like all women in my family, I will always look 10 yeqrs younger than my age. I used to let it get to me as people would not take me seriously. I diagnose and treat people fot a living, do not call me sweetheart. I hated that. Now, I just joke right back. Not as sweet as I look if you call me that one more time.. the injection is in my hand. have wrinkles from laughing, not from stress. Give yourself a whole new world…. one of my fav songs. I feel like I am living the song whenever I travel.4 I love airports and my bookbag. New places and new people. I may be an introvert, own it, but sure am very outgoing thanks to my faith helping me build myself up traveling the world. Faith and spirituality gave me a life I thought only celebrities can live, going to Switzerland, Interlaken is one of my fav towns in the world! ❤ All I learned how to say in German is thank you, but for me gratitude for all blessings, only brings more to you. Thanking strangees for their kindness is priceless where you go in the world mis amigos!20190710_222509

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